VCS Diagnostic Software

VCS Diagnostic Software 2.20

VCS Diagnostic Software is enhanced diagnostic, similar to Trailer-EBS
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2.20 (See all)
WABCO Vehicle Control Systems

VCS Diagnostic Software features:
- Configuration range from 2S/2M standard version for semi-trailers to 4S/3M premium version for drawbar trailers
- Power supply via ISO7638 and ISO1185 (24N, stop light power)
- Available as compact unit or in modular design well known from the 1st generation
- Integrated 8-pin connector system, proven in and adapted from WABCO's Trailer Electronic Braking System (Trailer-EBS)
- Savings of the modulator cables at the compact unit due to internal connection
- Premium version also with CAN interface according to ISO 11992 available: Maximum three integrated GenericIO ports for functions like lift axle control or lining wear indication
- Supported by a new diagnostic software via KWP 2000
- Weight reduced by 30% compared to the first-generation

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